Glendon College (York U)

Glendon offers a university education unique in Canada – and indeed beyond – for its combination of quality academic offerings, campus experience, and commitment to bilingualism. Their top student satisfaction ratings and who’s who of proud alumni speak both to the value of a Glendon degree, and the great experience their students have as they work towards it.

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Undergraduate Program: French CertificateNo
Undergraduate Program: French MinorYes
Undergraduate Program: French Major4 years
BEd Type: ConcurrentYes
Teaching CertificateYes
Division: P/JYes
Division: J/IYes
Division: I/SYes
FSL Additional QualificationYes
Co-Op (Any Language)Yes
Exchange (French)Yes
UniqueGlendon campus of York University has a uniquely French Campus in Toronto.