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It looks like you need some more practice in French to help you become an FSL teacher. There is always time to learn and progress in your journey. Please check out our French Experiences pages to see how you can strengthen your French proficiency!


Do you know someone who would be perfect for an FSL teaching career?

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In high demand

Schools want you. When you become an FSL teacher, you’re helping fulfill a huge need in Ontario, and Canada-wide. FSL teachers are one of the most sought-after education professionals, and not just as teachers but as coaches, librarians, guidance counsellors, principals, school board administration, and even Ministry of Education staff. High demand equals more job opportunities for you in FSL.

Promoting a unique skill set.

Being proficient in the French language is a unique skillset that you should be proud to have and pass on – and you can pass it on in a way that you’re passionate about!


As an in-demand position, FSL teachers enjoy more flexibility in where they work within the school system. Plus, FSL teachers teach French but can also teach other subjects in French, so you have the flexibility of teaching a wide array of classes. And don’t forget, as a teacher you have the summer to yourself and three weeks off during the school year – this gives you the flexibility to travel, pursue other passions, and much more.

Making a difference.

Like all teachers, you have the opportunity and the ability to truly make a difference in people’s lives. By educating and inspiring the next generation to follow their dreams, you’ll truly be making a career out of making a difference.

View Teacher Testimonials


As a teacher with a highly in-demand specialty, you are very likely to enjoy a level of job security throughout your career that is rarely seen in any field these days. Also, teaching in general has a number of financial benefits, from the initial salary and annual raises, to the health benefits.


As stated in the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Interim Policy for School Board hiring practices , the promotion of human rights and equity is vital to achieving a diverse and representative teacher workforce to meet the needs of a diverse student body. Thinking of becoming an FSL Teacher? Check out this list of Ontario school board employment/career pages to see who's hiring.
to become a French Second Language (FSL) teacher.

Looks like you’re considering becoming an FSL teacher. We’re excited to show you the way.

Ability to communicate in French.
Certification by the Ontario College of Teachers.
An FSL Additional Qualification Part 1.
Don’t have them? Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for.
See the steps
Every journey begins with 1 step.
Here are the steps many FSL teachers take, but the path is different for each individual.

1. High School

3. Bachelor of Education/ Master's of Teaching

5. FSL AQ Part 1
(may be combined with Step 3)

7. Begin teaching FSL

2. Undergraduate Degree

4. OCT Membership

6. Apply for FSL teaching positions in Ontario

8. Ongoing professional development (optional)

  • 1. High School

  • 2. Undergraduate Degree

  • 3. Bachelor of Education/ Master's of Teaching

  • 4. OCT Membership

  • 5. FSL AQ Part 1 (may be combined with Step 3)

  • 6. Apply for FSL teaching positions in Ontario

  • 7. Begin teaching FSL

  • 8. Ongoing professional development (optional)

Note: Steps 1 - 8 all have opportunities for experiential learning in order to increase French proficiency.

These handy resources will help you achieve your goal of becoming an FSL teacher.

Improve your French.
Get a degree.
Get credentials in French.
Additional resources that will help.
Improve your French.
Improve your French.
Get a degree.
Get a degree.
Get credentials.
Get credentials.
Additional resources that will help.
Additional resources that will help.
Improve your French
Check out some cool experiences that will help boost your French language skills.

Destination Clic

Experiences Canada



International Experience Canada: Work and Travel in France

Projet à Québec et à Moncton

Summer University for FSL Teachers (uOttawa)

French Immersion School (Western University)

Ontario/Rhône-Alpes Summer Language Course

YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange Program

Embassy of France – Teaching Assistant Program

L’Institut d’été


Get a degree in French

Hit the books at one of these schools to get an undergraduate degree in French (or science, history or something entirely different!) on your way to becoming an FSL teacher.

Algoma University

Carleton University

Brock University

Lakehead University

Laurentian University

Nipissing University

Queen's University

Trent University

University of Ottawa

University of Toronto

OISE (U of T)

University of Waterloo

University of Windsor

Western University

Wilfred Laurier University

York University

Ontario Tech University

Glendon College (York U)

McMaster University

Ryerson University

University of Guelph

Université de Hearst

OCAD University

l'Université de l'Ontario français

Royal Military College

Get credentials in French

Want to teach in Ontario? Get certified by the Ontario College of Teachers.

OCT-Certified Teachers

Out-of-Province Teachers

International Teachers

Additional resources that will help

From teaching materials and field trips to professional development, there’s a world of support out there for FSL teachers.

French Street

Where Are They Now?

French for Life

Accent Québec

Teacher 5 étoiles

Becoming a Teacher

Teaching in French in Ontario

Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario

Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation

Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association

Association des enseignantes et enseignants franco-ontariens

Le français pour l’avenir

Ontario Modern Language Teachers' Association

Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers

Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages

Transforming FSL