l’Université de l’Ontario français

Why come to study at UOF? The University of French Ontario (UOF) is the very first French-language autonomous university in Toronto, Ontario. We offer daring and different study programs to train generations of highly skilled, diverse, versatile talent who are better prepared to enter a changing job market. Our approach is focused on the development of skills through experience, in order to prepare graduates whose knowledge and skills will be the most sought after by tomorrow’s organizations.

The website of UOF is mainly in French with some pages in English, you can find them by visiting their website.


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Undergraduate Program: French CertificateNo
Undergraduate Program: French MinorNo
BEd Type: ConsecutiveNo
BEd Type: ConcurrentNo
Teaching CertificateNo
Division: P/JNo
Division: J/INo
Division: I/SNo
FSL Additional QualificationNo
Co-Op (Any Language)No
Exchange (French)No
UniqueThe study programs developed at UOF are unique and offer a different university learning experience. Rather than confining themselves to traditional disciplines, they approach major societal issues in a transdisciplinary manner and develop the skills required to respond to them, by leveraging the strengths of the Toronto region and the Ontario economy.